9 Castlereagh Street

9 Castlereagh Street

9 Castlereagh is an inspirational building designed by Harry Seidler. It was a shining form of architectural genius when originally unveiled in 1989. Now with its design credentials standing the test of time, this Sydney skyline icon has reinvented itself to be the standout place to do business. August 2011 saw the completion of a major refurbishment capitalising on the tower’s unique and commanding presence. A lush and vibrant new foyer and a sophisticated design upgrade to all floors has re-positioned the asset back to being one of Sydney’s best business addresses.

Our strategy emphasised Brilliance Renewed – a modern classic Harry Seidler masterpiece transformed for a new era. 9 Castlereagh is contemporary and confident in owing its position. OnePoint developed the campaign that speak directly to the audience with reasons to believe that a relocation is a responsible action. Decision makers need to understand the property benefits and be presented with a “permission key” (reasons to believe) to take the journey and then make the move. Created demand early by implementing impactful marketing to leverage the power of unique positioning. Used well-thought marketing collaterals to elevate the exclusivity of the offering. Used technology and best practice techniques in both traditional and new media to cut through to the target audience.

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