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Migrating Your Business Catalyst Website

As you know Business Catalyst closes its doors on 26th March, 2021. Any website still on the platform will be deleted on that date, so it’s critical that you start to make moves regarding to migrate your website now. The following migration plan will provide you with a framework for effectively transitioning to an alternative CMS platform.
Why can’t we just download our existing website and upload it to another hosting provider?
In some cases, it’s possible to download the website files and media assets and upload them to another hosting provider if no in-platform Business Catalyst features have been integrated into your website code base. 
But in our experience, 95% of  BC websites leverage a range of proprietary functions that create dependencies on the core platform that can’t be migrated into other systems.
Thus, a considered approach to migrating to an alternative and comparative CMS platform is needed.

Our Recommendations

It is most likely your website is due for an upgrade anyway. While re-platforming your website to a more capable system, take this opportunity to modernise your website’s design. It’s likely your business requirements have changed, and we highly recommend taking the time to re-scope your online marketing needs.

Migration Preparation Checklist

In order to prepare for migration to a new website platform, you will need to provide us with 2 important pieces of information:
  1. Your marketing plan or business strategy (in many cases this may be supplied as part of a verbal brief)
  2. Access to your Adobe BC platform for auditing.
However, if you wish to take matters into your own hands, we can provide you with a migration checklist. 

Migration Caveats

  1. Not all historical data can be exported from Business Catalyst.
  2. Web administration functionality will differ across other CMS platforms and may impact business processes.
  3. Integrated Business Catalyst modules may require development teams to create significantly customised software to match legacy functionality.
  4. Low cost migration solutions may require various open source or vendor platforms to replace your Adobe CMS.
  5. Significant DNS updates may be required causing some downtime during migration.
  6. If Adobe’s hosted email solution is in use, businesses will need to migrate to a new hosted email solution (such as Google Apps or Microsoft 365)
  7. If Secure Zones have been deployed where website contacts have account credentials, a migration will require users to re-register with a new CMS platform.

Typical Migration Project Timeline

All websites are different and we will need to estimate the project timeline based on our assessment.
Estimated migration project timeline: 6-8 weeks depending on the size and complexity of your website:

  • Business discovery
  • Tech audit
  • Technical & design spec
  • Website UX/UI redesign
  • Website development
  • Data/email migration
  • Final data migration
  • Launch

Final Comments on website migration

Depending on the overall migration plan agreed upon, the project can be broken up into segments. As an example, you may decide to migrate email hosting and marketing automation components (including web forms and email campaigns) as a separate phase before the website migration phase.
Approach your website migration from a business-first perspective, rather than focus on a new CMS.
Don’t leave the migration to the last minute. We’ll need sufficient time to perform the migration, and schedule your project timeline with other customer projects.

Next Steps

We’re ready and available to help you migrate your website from Adobe Business Catalyst.
Talk to our team, who are process driven, creative and have more than a decade of expertise in digital projects. 
Together we deliver online solutions that work hard for your business:
  • Digital brand & marketing strategy
  • Brand communications & identity
  • Design
  • Web design
  • User experience research & design
  • Digital analytics
  • Lead conversion
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Website development
  • Mobile app development
  • Application integration
  • Large-scale digital projects
  • Digital project management
  • Digital strategy
  • Hosting services
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