Grosvenor Place

Grosvenor Place

The market perception showed that Grosvenor Place is an ‘aging’ building. If and when tenants move out, the potential market noise will be that Grosvenor Place is losing its status. The ‘western corridor’ activity of Barangaroo will provide an opportunity to position Grosvenor Place as in a key location; in the future Grosvenor Place will be realigned as in a ‘central’ business location.

Its architectural significance; an inspirational design by Harry Seidler with credentials standing the test of time.

OnePoint built a strategy to re position Grosvenor Place, based on identifying a brand proposition, re-define its claim in the Sydney CBD and to differentiate it against its competitors. We determined that Grosvenor Place owns some inherent brand values; ‘prestigious, confident and progressive’.

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