Giorgio Vinciguerra


Giorgio was born on the 25th of January 1988, in a picturesque town on the outskirts of Rome. After six years of studying technical and graphic design, he started his career as a junior designer in the bustling centre of Rome. From a young age he had a particular sense of creativity that was inspiring him to better himself in everything he set out to achieve. He grew his love for graphic art throughout his teens, relying on his natural ability and furthering his skill set.

Giorgio believes that every business needs to be authentic in how it presents itself to reveal its true personality. Giorgio achieves this authenticity in his work by gaining a detailed understanding of what his clients do and how they work. Through this method, Giorgio can create bespoke assets for his clients, centered on achieving a positive perception of their business.

He has lived in Sydney since 2012, where he has been working for OnePoint as a graphic and web designer and now spends the majority of his income on coffee and zooper doopers.